Kingfisher in Coloured Pencil

A Kingfisher in Coloured Pencil using Canson Mi Tentes Paper in Grey with Caran D'arche Luminance.


Zebra with butterflies with a teal and black damask strip running through on canvas.


Rose with reflections of roses in orbs. A surreal acrylic painting on canvas.

Dog Portrait

Springer Spaniel Acrylic Painting

Springer Spaniel in lightfast acrylic paints on canvas an original artwork and custom pet portrait

Marble effect Acrylic Pouring Medium

Lightfast Acrylic Pouring Medium in Mars Black & Titanium White

Moonlight Unicorn

A Collaboration of Airbrush and hand painted acrylic to give a dreamy appearance

Alternate Reality

Midnight Unicorn

Gold Almond Blossom Painting

Teal Almond Blossom

Turtle Painting

A view from under the sea

Chocolate Labrador Portrait

Pet portrait in coloured pencil

Springer Spaniel Portrait

Pet portrait in coloured pencil

Tsunami Painting

Art Phone Case

Art Phone Case

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