Serenity Zebra Painting in Acrylic

Serenity Zebra Acrylic Painting “Serenity” Acrylic Zebra Painting with Damask Stripe and Butterflies by Ellie Burdett By Ellie Burdett “Serenity” Zebra Acrylic Painting with a Teal Damask Stripe and Butterflies.   A wonderful challenge this painting was to be, all I knew when I started was that I wanted to paint a Zebra.  I wanted something READ MORE

Reflections Surreal Acrylic Painting

Reflections a Surreal Acrylic Painting “Reflections” A Surreal Acrylic Painting by Ellie Burdett By Ellie Burdett Reflections….to date one of my favourite paintings I have completed so far on my artistic journey.  From choosing and editing the original image to painting and varnishing – every part of this painting was a pleasure.  Very often during READ MORE

Springer Spaniel in Acrylic

Painting a Springer Spaniel in Acrylic creating a custom pet portrait in light-fast acrylic paint on canvas By Ellie Burdett The goal this week is to paint a pet portrait in acrylic paint on canvas, not an easy task if this is your first attempt at a fur baby, however totally achievable.  There are tips READ MORE

Dragon Painting in Acrylic

Dragon Painting in Acrylic Dragon Painting in Acrylic with a flame background Blog by Ellie Burdett An Artistic Journey Starting with a small canvas I painted it black…..I wanted to do flames for the first time with the airbrush……I had the airbrush, the paints and the french curve… we go…….. I found a couple of READ MORE

Moonlight Unicorn in Acrylic

Moonlight Unicorn in Acrylic A dreamy painting in a combination of acrylic hand painting & airbrushing Blog by Ellie Burdett An Artistic Journey Introducing the second in this series of unicorn is the Moonlight Unicorn a variation from the Midnight Unicorn…painted in a dreamy fashion to meet the taste of the young person it was READ MORE

Gold Almond Blossom Painting;

Materials: Liquitex basics paint Liquitex glazing medium Liqutex full body unbleached titanium white Iwata airbrush with creatix paint Master series brushes (philbert) Proart Polar brushes (round)   Method: A much enjoyed variation of the usual colour for almond blossom paintings in gold.  I wanted to create a painting with warmer colours on this occasion and READ MORE

Coloured Pencil Dog Portrait

Materials: Pablo Caran Darche Coloured Pencils Strathmoore Paper Caran Darche Luminance White Pencil Zest it pencil blender   Method: This piece was defiantly a labour of love, as I did not want to compromise the paper for the drawing, I first sketched out the drawing on a regular sketch pad then transferred the image with transfer READ MORE

Moonlight Whale Tail Acrylic Painting:

Moonlight Acrylic Whale Tail Painting: Supplies List: Liquitex basics paint Creatix Paint Neo Iwata Airbrush Stencil for sky background Liquitex glazing medium Artina Canvas Pro-art brushes Method: I Painted the sky with a mix of phalo green and phalo blue then airbrushed over a space feel with the stencil.  For the main body of the READ MORE