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Guinea Pig Portrait

Piper the Guinea Pig Portrait

A Guinea Pig Portrait in Coloured Pencil by Ellie Burdett

Guinea Pig in Coloured Pencil

By Ellie Burdett

A very special and quite a long journey overseas was the happy result of this artwork…….

This little Piggy travelled over 3400 miles from Brighton, United Kingdom to Florida in The United States of America!

Having posted a quick sketch of my two guinea pigs on a forum on facebook, a very special young lady requested a drawing of her Guinea Pig….well how could I resist?

So…..that’s the inspiration for this artwork…..

I had recently as you may be aware from reading my blog be in pride possession of a full set of Caran D’ache Luminance coloured pencils and was overjoyed to be using these once again for this artwork, knowing and trusting in their lightfast qualities.

All I had for this piece was a small photo of the guinea pig who little known to anyone at that time would be traveling so many miles!


“Tip:  It is only through the experience of actually shipping artwork that you learn packaging methods and postal costs”


“Piper the Guinea Pig”

Guinea Pig in Coloured Pencil using Caran D’ache Luminance Pencils


I started this artwork by hand sketching the guinea pig from the reference photo sent to me using a light grey luminance pencil.  Being left handed I started adding colour from the left of the drawing to the right.

The grey paper enabled me to lay down the white fur of the guinea pig without issue.

Using a very light handed I added the layers of fur, gradually building up the colour.

Using blenders and Zest it I was able to ensure there was a gentle transition between the different colours within the fur.

Finally I added the last two layers of colour which gave real depth and vibrance to the artwork.


Framing & Posting:

Once finished and framed I did a lot of research into packaging and went with the advise of bubble wrapping – in order to ensure the glass in the frame was not broken during transit, I added a couple of rolled pieces of bubble wrap to act as a barrier and shock absorber.  With parcel having made the journey without breaking this was a great choice.

Lastly off to the post office to learn a very valuable lesson on postage costs and off Piper went to America.

Well they say that one good turn deserves another and this was a great experience and has enabled me to ship outside the UK.

Supplies List:
  • Caran D’ache Luminance Coloured Pencils
  • Derwent Blender & Burnisher Pencils
  • Strathmoore Grey Paper
  • Zest it Coloured Pencil Blender
  • Detial Brush to apply Zest it blender
  • Low tack artists tape and photo frame

Customer Feedback:
“This drawing of Piper is beautiful!! We are going to hang it on the wall – thank you”


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog – Ellie Burdett –

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I am a self taught artist with the philosophy that anyone can draw. I love doing pet portraits in varying mediums and am loving my journey developing my art.

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