Dragon Painting in Acrylic

Dragon Painting in Acrylic

Dragon Painting in Acrylic with a flame background

Blog by Ellie Burdett
An Artistic Journey

Starting with a small canvas I painted it black…..I wanted to do flames for the first time with the airbrush……I had the airbrush, the paints and the french curve…..here we go……..

I found a couple of photos of fire & flames as reference photos and airbrushed away.  I started with red creatix freehand airbrushing followed by french curves in varying shapes by moving the tool for different patterns.  The colours were layered in red, yellow, white, orange and a final white highlight.  Not bad for a first attempt I thought.  With a fiery canvas, the only thing to add to it was of course a Dragon.

It is at that point you realise that by experimenting in unexplored art territory you may well fall down and need to practice more to get your desired effect but more importantly, you may put something together rather pleasing.

As usual I used the chalk pencil to draft out the drawing….I wanted this piece to be vibrant and colour reflective and to achieve this added the colours in layers that were mixed with glazing medium.

“Tip: for depth of colour shinning through add the colour in layers with glazing medium – it lets the colours reflect through”

In total there were around five layers of colour before I achieved the look I wanted, but definitely worth the effort.  Final highlights were added with titanium white with the addition of deep red/black mix to define the shadow areas.

Dragon Painting

The Process:

Supplies List: Note paints are all Liquitex Basics range unless stated

  1. Neo airbrush
  2. Creatix Paint
  3. Titanium white
  4. Naples yellow
  5. Orange mixed from yellow and red (primary)
  6. Black
  7. Magenta (the big star here giving the burnt fiery look
  8. Liquitex  Gloss medium two coats

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