Moonlight Unicorn in Acrylic

Moonlight Unicorn in Acrylic

A dreamy painting in a combination of acrylic hand painting & airbrushing

Blog by Ellie Burdett
An Artistic Journey

Introducing the second in this series of unicorn is the Moonlight Unicorn a variation from the Midnight Unicorn…painted in a dreamy fashion to meet the taste of the young person it was destined for.  Another collaboration of hand painting and an airbrush background.

“Tip: preplan the piece……I went into this painting with a clear idea and plan of the outcome.  The only thing I did not plan was the colour scheme, as you can see by the gallery images below, I had in my head a two color scheme for the top and bottom, which did not sit right at all so I had to change it.  I have now invested in a  Photoshop app to test the design and the colour theme before painting.  I have learnt that a little time spent planning means less time procrastinating over the piece for longer periods and risking the painting going aray or taking longer to complete”

The first stage was to paint the primed canvas in primary blue then using an airbrush and a cut out circle template, airbrush in the moon in titanium white.   The cosmos and moon effects were airbrushed using the trusty fx stencils.  It is worth noting that the fx stencils although pricey, are both durable and good value for money.  I airbrushed the clouds in next using a hand torn piece of card as my guide – quite an inexpensive and effective part of my kit now 🙂

The unicorn was then drawn in using chalk pencil (easy to rub away in the event of a mistake) and colours added for the unicorn highlights.

I wanted something different in this painting and something to make it special and with that in mind chose a butterfly for the foreground interest.  I again used the chalk pencil to draft out the butterfly before gradually bringing in the colour.

I thought a lot about the butterfly and decided it needed a transparency to it and with this in mind painted the first layer in transparent mixing white and bringing colour in with dioxizine purple.  Final highlights were added with titanium white to the maine and tail (this was after trying a gold which did not work) again another example of colour matching before starting.


Supplies List:

  1. Iwata Neo Airbrush
  2. Creatix Paint
  3. Water for dilution
  4. Primary blue
  5. Dioxizine Purple
  6. Transparent mixing white
  7. Titanium White (highlights to the unicorn)
  8. fx stencils
  9. Liquitex glazing medium
  10. Spray mat varnish (fist coat)
  11. Liquitex gloss varish final two coats

Thank you for taking the time to look over this blog, I hope you have enjoyed it…….if you have any questions or comments please feel free to submit them.

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