Coloured Pencil Dog Portrait


  • Pablo Caran Darche Coloured Pencils
  • Strathmoore Paper
  • Caran Darche Luminance White Pencil
  • Zest it pencil blender



This piece was defiantly a labour of love, as I did not want to compromise the paper for the drawing, I first sketched out the drawing on a regular sketch pad then transferred the image with transfer paper (white) a great new must have for both drawings and paintings.  I progressively added layer by layer of fur, working from the top of the drawing down.  A bit of a tip here…I used tracing paper to cover the area of the drawing I was working on to prevent any residue from my hands to the paper.  Final layers were blended out with zest it.

The hardest part I found was the choice of paper – I tried different colours, white, black, tan then settled on brown paper, it was the only colour that I felt sat well with the brown lab.  I also tried many techniques to achieve the brown fur and discovered the only way was to start with lighter tones of grey and brown and gradually work darker.  Final highlights and white tones were added using the Luminance pencil which is extremely good at pulling out white and highlights on top of coloured pencil drawings I found.  My favourite part of this drawing has to be my first attempt at the metal collar clasp using a combination of grey and luminance white, pretty pleased with the result for a first attempt.


One thought on “Coloured Pencil Dog Portrait

  1. Beautiful work! Thanks for the follow and I can respectfully tell you from twenty years of teaching experience that everyone can not draw. I don’t mean to offend you but I used to think that was true, also. I now realize that a lot of people can learn but it is not something everyone can learn.