Moonlight Whale Tail Acrylic Painting:

Moonlight Acrylic Whale Tail Painting:

Supplies List:

  • Liquitex basics paint
  • Creatix Paint
  • Neo Iwata Airbrush
  • Stencil for sky background
  • Liquitex glazing medium
  • Artina Canvas
  • Pro-art brushes


I Painted the sky with a mix of phalo green and phalo blue then airbrushed over a space feel with the stencil.  For the main body of the base drawing, I used a water-soluble pencil to sketch out the outline (this ensured no pencil marks were visible after painting).

I next layered in the mountains working from the furthest away from the viewer.  Several layers were applied to include Grey (base colour), purple, blue, white and burn’t umber.

The tree line was next and blocked in with hookers green with subsequent layers of lighter green shades mixed down gradually with white.  There were around four layers of green to complete the look.  I find layers add depth to the painting and give a good level of contrast.

Unusually I outlined the whale tails before putting in the background – a bit of an experiment as usually I would finish the background and then add fore ground detail.  Varations of phalo blue and phalo green where again used to create the ocean, detailing with light blue sea foam finally highlighted with white.

The whale tails were painted using a deep grey tone mixing titanium white with mars black. Detail over the fins again using lighter version of the blue tones above and finished with titanium white

Finally water falling from the fins and around the base of the whale tails was added to ensure that the whale tails looked part of the sea rather than just stuck on.  I did enjoy this piece – especially learning ocean colour variations.  The great thing about acrylic painting is that if you don’t like the colour scheme you can paint or glaze right over the top (as long as the previous layers are dry).