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Grey Wolf Acrylic Painting:

Supplies List:

  • Liquitex Basics paint
  • Creatix airbrush paint opaque
  • Proarte brushes
  • Iwata Neo airbrush for background
  • Generic stencil
  • Liquitex glazing medium


I painted the background with  phalo Green with a small quantity of blue and once dry airbrushed the stencil on the top and bottom.  I the made my outline drawing with chalk pencil filling in with transparent titanium white.  I gradually darkened the dark areas and lightened the light areas in a gradual build up of layers.

Finally the grey wolf fur was added layer by layer.  Lastly a wash of liquitex glazing medium to finish.



I am a self taught artist with the philosophy that anyone can draw. I love doing pet portraits in varying mediums and am loving my journey developing my art.