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Alternate Reality: Acrylic Painting…..

Supplies List:

  • Liquitex Basics Paint
  • Creatix Air Brush Paint
  • Iwata Neo Airbrush
  • FX Mini Stencils
  • Glazing Medium
  • Artina Canvas
  • Proarte Brushes

Painting Alternate Reality:

I enjoyed painting this piece as it was the first time I have used anything near a good quality canvas.  I choose Artina as they were very good value for money and were a lot smoother for some of the fine detail needed.  The Liquitex Basics sat well with this paint giving it a matt base for layering.  I started from the background and worked my way forward….I recently received an Iwata Neo Airbrush for my birthday and boy what a difference that made from my original generic one.  Airbrushing with the Neo turned out to be a whole lot faster…..

And then finally…..designed and printed as iPhone case..



I am a self taught artist with the philosophy that anyone can draw. I love doing pet portraits in varying mediums and am loving my journey developing my art.