Acrylic Leopard 

Acrylic Leopard & learning to paint fur

So the object of this painting was to practice painting fur for the first time….

From a bare beginning on the board….

To adding layers……

The biggest lesson learnt was a very light touch on the brush and mixing more water with the acrylics to get finer details….

Big tip learnt was to use chalk over the background to draw out the image, this was also a usefull method of indicating direction of fur.

All in all not a bad first attempt at painting fur – hopefully with more practice this can be developed.

Best brushes (personal choice): Liner brush, small philbert & small rake brush

(Reference photo google images)

Paint: Liquitex Basics

Leap of faith: Glazing layers of colour as a watery wash to tone the fur – thought this might have taken off the previous layer of detail but it didn’t. I think a combination of the previous layer being dried first and good quality paint.