Playing with Prismacolour

img_0085Following Christmas one of my gifts was a set of 48 Prismacolour pencils. This is the first time I have used Prismacolour, usually I use pastel pencils with a combination of soft pastel sticks. So far I am really pleased with the results, they are very easy to work with and I seem to have found a work around to the sharpening issue where leads break easy by using an old fashioned school type pencil sharpener with the turning handle. I have also used zest it to blend out which also gives a lovely soft effect.

Prismacolour seems to give a more realistic edge to my artwork which I have been looking for. I will see how this project develops and post more pictures as this work develops. I am working with Bristol Vellum Paper which so far has no trouble taking layers and blending out.

Day 2 another little cheeky face starts to appear..