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3d Nature Abstract Artwork

This is a small 3d mixed media canvas with steampunk and butterfly embelishments. With a nature abstract theme this really is a desirable and unique piece. The artwork is the only and original, however if you prefer a bespoke colour or theme, please message me prior to purchase. I am currenlty only able to post within the United Kingdom. Packaging and shipping inclusive.


Exploding Dr Who Tardis meets Van Gogh

You will be purchasing the original and only artwork in acrylic on canvas. Size 50cm x 50cm Note; I only ship to the United Kingdom please contact me for prices and availability for international shipping.


Morning Mist

“Morning Mist” a Surreal artwork in acrylic on canvas, you will be purchasing the original and only artwork. This painting measures Width: 65cm x Height 30cm. Note: I only ship to the United Kingdom if you would like International Postage please contact me prior to purchase for postage costings.


Into the Woods

Into the Woods in Acrylic on Canvas – a mystical journey into the woods. You will be purchasing the original artwork and one of a kind. Size: Width: 61cms x Height: 51cms. Please note I only ship to the United Kingdom, if you live outside UK please contact me for postage costs as this will incur additional fees.



Ellie Burdett

fill your home with art

Welcome to http://www.ellieartwork.com.  Ellie will create your custom & bespoke artwork to match your decor or to suit your gift needs.

No need to ever worry what to get for a gift again.  These bespoke artworks can be created to incorporate any occasion.  

Ellie provides everything from Abstract Art to Pet Portraits and Handpainted Steampunk and Mixed Media Canvases and Journals.

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Pet Portraits a Special Gift

Preparing Coloured Pencil Portraits
Pet Portrait

Custom & Bespoke Guinea Pig Portraits now available…

Pet Portraits
Cat Portrait

Pet Portraits in Acrylic on Canvas or Coloured Pencil

Cat Portrait in Coloured Pencil

Steampunk 3d Mixed Media Journals with Embelisments

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Exploding Tardis: Commissions in any Colour

Dr Who Meets Van Gogh

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Available to buy in My Etsy Shop

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Bespoke Abstract Art

Abstract Art

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I have thoroughly enjoyed this artwork from start to finish and it is one of my favourite pieces – mind you I say that about all my artwork! Well finally I actually managed to complete an entire artwork in coloured pencil feeling totally confident on the journey. I can’t tell you how much practice this […]

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Art Studio

Art Studio Quick Tour

Setting up a space for your art is really important. It can be as big or small as your space allows but most importantly, it must be an area that you enjoy being in and has that creative and relaxed vibe. Over time you can start small and grow your art collection. I found a […]

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